See your business through your customer’s eyes

B2B & B2C customer experience

Drive satisfaction and loyalty at every touch point of the customer journey.


Customer surveys

Ongoing surveys provide a snapshot of your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty level at key points of your customer journey. They measure customer satisfaction and loyalty following a transaction or experience with your organization on an ongoing basis so that customers have a way to share their opinions with you directly instead of doing it on social media or forums which may affect your e-reputation.

You can invite your customers to complete your survey—a fully customized questionnaire designed to reflect your business—using automated emails, text messages or reminders printed directly on your receipts.

Find the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’

Customers transmit valuable feedback about your business through surveys but also countless other channels such as social media or review sites. MetricsXM experts use Natural Language Processing techniques to automatically analyze text feedback, so you can understand what matters most to your customers, what has to be changed, what has to be improved to retain and grow revenue and profit.

Survey 3

Uncover topics, trends, problems, and opportunities.

Our researchers use machine learning algorithms to automatically extract the most salient topics, detect new or emerging themes, make connection between the different topics, and relate themes with satisfaction or loyalty scores so you can quickly identify issues that make customers unhappy and actions that make customers willing to remain loyal.

Label text responses by sentiment or any other concept

Our experts can implement algorithms customized to your business to automatically label customer responses by sentiment (i.e. positive/negative comment), emotions, or any other concept. You can monitor concepts overtime to ensure the changes you make become the results you expect.


Interactive custom dashboards

Insights are only valuable if you act on them! MetricsXM custom interactive dashboards empower you and your colleague with the insights from customer surveys and feedback. Use it to take proactive action to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and business performance. All our tools are very easy to use and enable you to dig as deep as you want into the results.