Your employees have stories to tell you

Listen to employees for a better experience & engagement

Happy and engaged employees create better experiences, which leads to more satisfied and loyal customers and, ultimately, brand and company growth.


Implement a listening strategy

Employees want to be heard. The challenge is usually listening. Implementing an employee listening culture in your employee engagement strategy, allows them to feel valued and managers are empowered with actionable insights into how employees are feeling and what truly drives employees to perform at their best.

Why a continuous listening strategy is important?

With an annual or biannual survey, it’s almost impossible to understand how personal experiences shape the key outcomes of employee experience like engagement, motivation, or productivity. Also, how can you stay aligned with your organization’s strategic and talent priorities if you’re only finding out about certain HR issues after they’ve already happened? To overcome those challenges, organizations need to take a lifecycle approach to employee experience that looks to capture feedback and insights at every stage of the employee journey.


Continuous listening with MetricsXM

MetricsXM can help businesses implement a continuous listening strategy. It allows them to understand the moments that matter most to employees, how these impact the experience, and what they can do at each stage to have a positive impact on metrics like engagement, attrition, and productivity.

Gain actionable insights from our powerful people analytics dashboards

MetricsXM makes it easy to understand what drives your team and helps managers detect weak signals early so that they may respond accordingly. MetricsXM custom interactive dashboards empower managers with the insights from employee feedback that they need.  Use data and analytics to take proactive action to improve employee satisfaction, loyalty, and business performance. All our dashboards are very easy to use and enable you to dig as deep as you want into the results.

Benefits of our people analytics dashboards

A descriptive paragraph that tells clients how good you are and proves that you are the best choice that they’ve made.

Flexible reports

View employee survey results based on hierarchy, teams, departments or locations.

Text Analytics

Visualize topics, sentiment or emotions from open-ended comments and compare results between structured data.

Automated verbatim categorization

Group verbatim into related categories that make sense for your industry and the issues you are looking to solve.

Key insights

Display key drivers of performance and engagement.

Comparative analysis

Associate comments or categories of comments with a full range of structured data.

Filter data

Filter data on dozens of demographics and linked performance metrics to drill down and uncover insights.

Custom dashboards

Custom dashboards that meet every team’s reporting needs and provide them with the most relevant view of the data.

Predictive analysis

Load data throughout the year, so that you can predict when people will leave the organization and why.

Communicate results and improvement initiatives immediately to employees