Gain actionable insights into what your patients are thinking

Want to know how satisfied your patients are?

Our Patient Experience Survey is comprehensive and covers multiple aspects of a patient journey. Find out if patients feel they received the time and attention they expect from you—as well as how convenient your practice is and whether they’d recommend you to others.


Why you should listen to your patients?

When a patient chooses to enter your hospital, the quality of the treatment they are going to receive is the most important thing. To reach a high quality in the treatment, several aspects have to be taken into consideration. Everything from the first contact with the hospital staff, to the behavior of the doctor the patient visited. The Patient Survey is meant to capture information about a patient’s most recent visit to the healthcare center enabling you as a healthcare provider or a hospital, to understand what your patients are happy with and what areas need improvements.

Why a continuous listening strategy is important?

With an annual or biannual survey, it’s almost impossible to understand how personal experiences shape the key outcomes of employee experience like engagement, motivation, or productivity. Also, how can you stay aligned with your organization’s strategic and talent priorities if you’re only finding out about certain HR issues after they’ve already happened? To overcome those challenges, organizations need to take a lifecycle approach to employee experience that looks to capture feedback and insights at every stage of the employee journey.


Continuous listening with MetricsXM

The MetricsXM team makes it easy for you to integrate the Patient Experience Survey Platform into your day-to-day operations.

Integration to your ERP

Integration of our survey solution to your CRM platform

Send surveys

Patient visit experience surveys are sent automatically after every visit, via email or SMS/text

Real-time insights

Log into your secured Patient Experience Dashboard to view real-time metrics.

Text Analytics

Visualize topics, sentiment or emotions from open-ended comments and compare results between structured data.

Automated verbatim categorization

Group verbatim into related categories that make sense for your industry and the issues you are looking to solve.

Filter data

Filter data on dozens of demographics and linked performance metrics to drill down and uncover insights.

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