Text & audio analytics services

We do all the heavy work for text & audio analytics, you simply receive the results.

Do you have large amounts of unstructured text or audio data but insufficient internal resources to analyze them? MetricsXM offers a full range of text and speech analytics services. Our experts can work either inside your organization or remotely, in partnership with you and your team.

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Data collection

We can analyze your existing unstructured data, or can gather it from any of the following channels:

Explore your text and audio data

We use state of the art text and audio analytics tools to quickly and accurately identifies the scale of topics and trends that raise from your unstructured data.


Categorize your text and audio data

A dedicated team will do all the project-specific categorization thus saving you time and resources. We continuously monitor the quality of the results and improve the categorization of your unstructured data to ensure very high levels of accuracy.

Custom reports

Our reports are easy to use and understand and enable you to drill down as deep as you want into the results. In one click, you can retrieve all text or audio segments related to a score to better understand the reasons behind that score.

MetricsXM can produce custom reports, tailored to your needs. These reports deliver key information to specific user groups (call center teams, area field teams, executive management, engineers, etc.).

Why do business with us?

We are the first company only dedicated to text and audio analytics services. We do all the heavy work for text and audio analytics, you simply receive the results. We are not committed to any analytics technology; we use the best text and audio analytics tools to respond to your needs.


In ten years of text and audio analytics services, we have worked with hundreds of customers from every industry, with both B2B and B2C business models.


A multidisciplinary team of experts with a minimum of 10 years of experience in text and audio analytics at your disposal. Our experts are capable of interpreting, analyzing and presenting your data with unparalleled accuracy.


Our multidisciplinary experts work in synergy to ensure a comprehensive and accurate exploration and categorization of your text and audio content.

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